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Hotel restaurant with more than 40 rooms in a popular seaside resort, Alicante region

Hotel restaurant with more than 40 rooms in a popular seaside resort, Alicante region

I present to you this city center hotel, less than 200 meters from the beaches. National and international clientele throughout the year.

ID : ESP069

Price : 3 400 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital: 1 800 000 €

  • Hotel
  • Spain
  • Comunitat Valenciana (60)
  • Seaside
  • Terms of sale : Murs

The main asset of this hotel is its location. In the center of a very touristic town and close to the beaches.

It has been operated by the same owner since its construction in 1970 and has been the subject of regular investments in order to keep it in good working order.

Today operated as a 2-star hotel, you can upgrade to 3-star with a low investment (about € 50,000 max).

To date, the restaurant only offers breakfast (the owners choice) but the equipped kitchen allows you to ensure a quality catering service.

You can use the 3 bedrooms and living room on the top floor as housing accommodation.

Freehold sale.

To discover

In the south of Occitania, a 4-star camping site with less than 100 pitches on the edge of a canal.

On a little over 2 hectares, this campsite offers you quality facilities and a prime geographical location! You are a few kilometers from the beaches and close to a city!

ID : 03229

Price : 2 596 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 800 000 €

Region : Occitanie

Country : France

Paris – Strasbourg Axis – Great Est – Hotel 40/50 rooms

Top Location ! / Great Location ! No contestant nearby ! A nice challenge for this hotel wich need to be reinvented, re-dynamised buty wich offers a nice potential. Ideal loacation to develop an hotel with overnight stays or just remove the restaurant so as to extend the hotel.

ID : 03051

Price : 1 990 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 700 000 €

Region : Grand Est

Country : France

Southern Alps (04) - Magnificent hotel - 4 stars restaurant very well located

3 superb buildings including a Mexican castle for a total of 2500 m² in an enclosed park of 1 hectare at the gates of the Mercantour national park and a few kilometers from the ski resorts, on the GTA road (a long-distance hiking trail in the French Alps).

ID : 03395

Price : 3 315 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 1 000 000 €

Region : Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Country : France

Normandy, for sale, 20 rooms hotel without catering located in a tourist area

Beautiful establishment rated 3 stars comprising 20 rooms with beautiful restaurant in the town center of a renowned town in the Orne. Turnover €856,565 in 2019.

ID : 03391

Price : 837 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 200 000 €

Region : Normandie

Country : France

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Laurent GARCIA

06 74 67 05 14 ou + 34 691 721 756

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