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The real estate market for hotels and campsites is saturated with buyers, but offers few truly worthwhile opportunities.
You are an owner of a hotel or a camping site and you have a project to sell your business. With our experience and the volume of transactions we carry out each year, GRAVITAO can guarantee that "All properties can be sold, it's a matter of time and price".
One day every owner asks himself that same question, how much is my business worth on the market today? The market changes frequently, only companies specializing in hotel and/or campsite transactions will be able to give you a consistent value opinion. Find out why!
Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Magnier Arnaud and Cécile. You are a couple with 2 children, you bought the business of the 22-room 3* Hôtel-Restaurant...
A large proportion of purchases of campsites and hotels are made by couples who are changing careers. The joy of leaving the "metro-work-sleep" and having a professional project as a duo in the hospitality industry is a dream come true for many... Once you've taken the plunge, the big manoeuvres begin. GRAVITAO, which works alongside hundreds of couples who own their own business on a daily basis, shares with you the secrets of serene management for two.
In the middle of summer, when a client meets the owner of the campsite where he is on holiday, he generally finds someone smiling and relaxed, available to exchange a few words of welcome or to give advice regarding the region. Sometimes it's the boss who serves at the bar, hosts the parties,...
That's it ! Determined to change your life, you have chosen to settle in the hotel industry. Then come the big choices: no-catering hotel or hotel-restaurant? How many rooms? Where ? Today GRAVITAO comes back to a recurring question: Should you choose a seasonal hotel or one that is open all year round?
*Principes généraux du Yield Management en hôtellerie et hôtellerie de plein air*** *Les limites du Yield Management en hôtellerie** Après l'expérime...
Comment attirer la clientèle d'affaires dans son hôtel ?** *La clientèle d'affaires est recherchée par l'hôtelier :* * Le voyageur professionnel lisse...
Vous souhaitez devenir propriétaire d’un hôtel en France ou à l’étranger, la première étape sera de vous faire accompagner par des professionnels. Votre investissement est important, il ne doit pas être fait sur un coup de cœur comme vous pourriez le faire pour l’achat d’un logement.
Sur chacune des annonces présentées sur notre site internet GRAVITAO, vous constaterez qu'il y apparaît, en plus du prix de vente, l'indication de l'apport personnel nécessaire pour acheter le camping.