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Alsace - Great location for this Hotel Restaurant.

Alsace - Great location for this Hotel Restaurant.

Category 30-40 rooms in a famous tourist sector in Alsace. Building with character.

Exclusively at GRAVITAO

ID : 03577

Price : 3 500 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital: 600 000 €

  • Hotel
  • France
  • Grand Est
  • Terms of sale : Freehold sale

Magnificent view which you can enjoy on the terrace, from the rooms and in the restaurant.

The hotel has always been maintained with numerous investments: renovation of rooms, bathrooms, upgrading...

The staff is loyal and reliable.

Freehold sale.

Very good profitability with a turnover of €2,000,000, an accounting EBITDA of €175,000 and a recalculated EBITDA of more than €300,000.

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