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Hôtel Atlantes - Charente Maritime (17)

Ils avaient pour projet d’acheter un camping et finalement ils ont acheté un hôtel aux portes de Royan en Charente-Maritime.

Il leur restait encore 15 ans de vie professionnelle à faire avant la retraite, Dominique et Véronique vous racontent leur reconversion.  

Gérer un hôtel, c’est une expérience unique, chaque jour est différent. Si on avait pu le faire plus tôt ! Aujourd’hui notre métier nous permet de pouvoir gérer librement notre emploi du temps.

À ceux qui hésitent encore à franchir le pas, Dominique et Véronique disent : "allez-y, allez-y et faîtes-vous bien accompagner !"  Ne visez pas trop haut pour une première expérience, un hôtel bureau d’une vingtaine de chambres pour un couple, c’est bien.

Allez-y, vivez votre rêve, achetez un hôtel !

Hotel «L'Emeraude des Bois» in Mimizan - Landes (40) - France

Pierre and Fédoua are former chefs, now hotel managers for more than 10 years. They explain to us how, after falling in love with this hotel, they bought the business assets at first, and one season later they were able to buy the premises of the hotel too.

“Financial investment in a hotel allows you to build a solid capital base, and at the end of the project, if you want to stop, you have two options:

- you can sell your business and continue to receive rents that will allow you to have a comfortable retirement

- or sell everything and make other investments.”

Discover their story: “It is a great profession, truly a great one!”

Camping Le Montet d'Oléron - Charente-Maritime (17) - France

They have bought a family camping on the Oleron island, it is the most beautiful project of their lives, and today it is a genuine fulfillment.

Catherine had 10 years of experience working for the Accord Group, and Laurent was an IT executive for 25 years.

To be able to buy a camping, there is a compromise to be made between your financial capacity and your criteria. Being supported by a specialized agency like GRAVITAO, helps limit the risks for the first-time buyers.

Laurent recalls his past life and says that at the end, being a high-level executive does not represent much humanly speaking, compared to his new life and his new profession of a camping manager.

For these two camping owners, customer satisfaction is an immediate feedback on their work. There is no monotony, no “typical” day for a camping owner. You have to be ready to intervene. To manage a family-size camping it’s like if you invite people over to your home!

Hôtel Le Lodge à Ondres - Landes (40) - France

To those who dream of taking the leap and buying a hotel, what would you say?

“DO IT! DO IT, you'll see it's a great profession!” answer Laurent and Alexandre.

Partners and co-managers, they have fallen in love with the establishment and decided to buy their hotel in a quarter of an hour.

“It’s a job that offers a lot of freedom that you couldn’t have in some other activities. We never felt like we had a hotel but rather a big house where we received people. We're so happy, we’ve never really felt like we were actually working.”

“Hotelier is a versatile job, it's a great adventure”, “You have to love people.”

“If we had to do it again we would do it again, it's the profession of tomorrow.”