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Freehold Sale sold in just 8 months.

I had to deal with Mr Lefebvre, really efficient, good advices and patience foolproof !

Still in contact after the sale, an extraordinary human relationship.

To me GRAVITAO is the Number One to sell your campsite.

I strongly recommend.

Teyssier Bruno

Domaine des Gandins – St Germain de Salles – (03) - France

Christophe Heckmann, you were 10 times better than agency C!!!

Grégoire Quénot

Camping & gîtes les Bains - St Honoré les Bains (58) - France

Nous avons choisi de vendre notre camping en exclusivité chez GRAVITAO et plus particulièrement avec Jacques Cusenier. Nous avions apprécié le fait que, régulièrement depuis plusieurs années, il venait prendre de nos nouvelles et connaissait parfaitement son secteur. Satisfaction totale ! une vente faite en un temps record (une visite, la bonne !) grâce à un très bon carnet d'adresses de prospects et une parfaite gestion de la commercialisation de notre camping.

Ludovic & Gaëlle ZEYER


We would like to thank your agency as well as the various advisers with whom we were able to get in touch. Unlike other agencies, they have always listened to us and have adapted our research. A very special thought to Christophe HECKMANN who guided us from the beginning of our research, unfortunately the requirements of the sellers were beyond our means. Michel MUNCK for his part was able to offer us a product in line with our research and our financial means; he always made himself available and was able to provide us with his professional expertise at the right time. I will highly recommend your agency and your advisors.

Best regards,

Estelle LUCAS

Hôtel d'Alsace - Wissembourg (67) - France

I was delighted with the accompaniment of Gravitao, and more specifically of Mr. Heckmann, manager of Gravitao.

He knew how to accompany us with gentleness and psychology. His advice was precious to me and his responsiveness in the management of our file allowed us to move forward in a fluid and extremely effective way!

Thank you again for this sale which was a real win-win operation!

Elise Bret Ziri

Camping Le Parc de Paris – Villevaude – (77) - France

Many thanks to Christophe Heckmann, GRAVITAO agent of our sector, for his work and his professionalism. He was able to find good buyers for our business and all that in a great atmosphere! A real pleasure to work with him ... BRAVO

Henriette et Robert DE VRIES


I would like to thank M Patrice Pasquier and M Alexandre Nau, our GRAVITAO agents for their professionalism. A special note for Mr. Nau who followed our case until the transfer. During these steps, he showed great rigor and was able to find the point of balance between the interests of the seller and the buyer resulting in the final sale.

I can only advise campsite managers wishing to sell to entrust you with a mandate; it will be in good hands.


Philippe FAURE

Camping Les Etangs - Aubigny sur Nere (18) - France

Very good experience with GRAVITAO and specifically with our agent Alexandre NAU

Our property was for sale in a very delicate situation, several real estate agents had let us go along the way, and after several visits and a little time, Mr NAU was able to find the right people and showed a lot of patience.

Many thanks to him for the sale of our property

Éric et Sandrine Gras

Brit Hôtel Albi - Séquestre (81) - France

The head of the Grand Est sector of the GRAVITAO agency, Michel Munck was very attentive to our expectations and he was able to advise us on our choice of camping purchase in the Jura.

With him we had a very professional follow-up of our file as well as very fast answers to all our questions.

I will gladly recommend Michel MUNCK and the GRAVITAO agency to any future buyer or seller of a camping site.


Camping La Prairie - Boissia - (39) - France

For sale for more than two years, our municipal camping site has finally found his new owner thanks to your support and in particular to Mr. Michel Munck, Gravitao Agent, who has always been available, at our listening and who has been able to accompany us until the signing of the sale contract. 

A real professional. Again, many thanks to you.

Jean-Marc Schmitt, Mayor of Harskirchen


Camping Au Bon Endroit - Paray le Monial (71) - France

David Moreau, nous tenions simplement à vous dire que ce fut un plaisir de traiter avec vous. Chacun d’entre nous a plusieurs fois sérieusement douté de notre capacité à mener cette vente à bien. Mais chacun a joué son rôle. Dans votre cas vous avez joué votre rôle avec professionnalisme et humanité. Avec ténacité aussi ! Vous êtes digne de confiance et c’est un plaisir pour nous de saluer vos qualités — ce soir lundi 20 mars 2023 — après tant de mois franchement éreintants.

Bien à vous & Bonne continuation,


Brit Hôtel à Bourges (18) - France

Thank you Pierre CORREAU of the GRAVITAO agency for orchestrating, without any false notes, the sale of our camping site. After several months of good advice, a person who will remain in my memory, a beautiful encounter... Without Pierre CORREAU, I am certain that I would be behind my desk today questioning the opportunity to sell my business.... So don't hesitate! Jean-Marc ZELEM

Camping Les Etangs - Aubigny sur Nere (18) - France

A big thank you to Michel Munck, GRAVITAO agent, who was really efficient when selling our camping site. He was able to find the buyer who made us want to turn the page of this great adventure!

Françoise TARWACKI & Francis HERBILLON


Camping Au Bon Endroit - Paray le Monial (71) - France

We were looking for a nature campsite in a region suitable for outdoor activities, and our GRAVITAO® Agent, Michel Munck immediately understood our needs.

He always offered us business that suited us, and in particular the one that we selected and that we manage today.

We appreciate his responsiveness in answering our questions, his advice and his concern to support and reassure us.

Thank you Michel !

Camping du Lac de la Seigneurie - Leval - (90) - France

We have entrusted the sale of our camping “La Ferme des Aulnes” located in Picardy exclusively to the GRAVITAO Agency. The sector manager, Pierre CORREAU, quickly selected buyers interested in our establishment and organized the visits. At each visit, Pierre showed great professionalism and complete discretion. We were accompanied by GRAVITAO until the signing of the sale contract. We have chosen to entrust the sale of our camping exclusively to GRAVITAO, which took care to verify the seriousness of potential buyers, which has enabled us to continue to manage our camping during the last season with complete peace of mind. We would like to thank Frank DALBE, Director of the agency as well as Pierre for their help and advice.

Denis et Marie LEFORT  

Camping la Ferme des Aulnes - Nampont - (80) - France

Big thanks to the GRAVITAO agency and more particularly to Alexandre Nau, for this support which enabled us to find the perfect campsite for our project. Highly professional partners in the open-air hotel industry!!

Danick and Christelle Grostabussiat

Camping Les Etangs - Aubigny sur Nere (18) - France

We were very satisfied with the services of Mr Munck. He was present everytime when needed, and most of all, persevering. I haven't really realized yet that it's done, GRAVITAO has sold my hotel. Again, thank you, and congratulations.

Elisabeth Weber

Hôtel Château de Challanges - Beaune (21) - France

Our long-time project was to take over a family camping site and make it evolve in our image! We met François ROUZIN, GRAVITAO sector manager and Franck DALBE, agency manager, at the Atlantica Campsite Fair in La Rochelle in October 2021. They accompanied us in this project from start to finish, resulting in the signing of the sale at the beginning of March 2022.

A quality support to guide us in our choices and procedures. We fully recommend this agency for their professionalism.

Anne-Solène et Stéphane LE GOFF

Camping Les Palmiers - Saint-Philibert - (56) - France

We have been well supported by a professional to target our choice in terms of research and budget.

Our agent François Rouzin was really available, we had the privilege to resell our business after 2 years, also with our agent GRAVITAO, François Rouzin, seller this time, and once again, his professionalism paid off, the sale has been concluded very quickly, to the expected price and in good conditions.

Thanks to François and GRAVITAO Agency.

Guy Creveuil

Camping Le Bellevue - Erquy - (22) - France

We are very satisfied with the services of the agency and the support of our GRAVITAO agent, Christophe Heckmann, who is very professional and congenial.

Jianyou YU

Camping La Prairie - Boissia - (39) - France

We stay really satisfied by the work done by our agent GRAVITAO, Rémi Durand, who knew how to stay tuned to our demands.

He knew how to present, advice and follow us during the achievement of our project, namely, buying a campsite and keep as well in touch after the acquisition.

We warmly recommand Rémi Durand and GRAVITAO Agency for their professionalism and the quality of their relationship.

Nicole et Christian Descoin

Camping du Viaduc - Millau - (12) - France

We had been in search for a camping for years, particularly in the Normandy region. With the help of our GRAVITAO agent, François Rouzin, we have targeted several criteria together, so we were able after only two visits to find the camping we were dreaming of.

We were able to have the loan on excellent conditions thanks to the credit broker that was advised by the agency.

Great location, near all conveniences, the agent was able to show us all the potential of this underexploited camping.

Despite buying in the midst of the Covid crisis, we are far from regretting it, with this first special year full of nice encounters and future development ideas.

Rosaline et François Cauvin

Camping Barre Y Va - Rives en Seine - (76) - France

We were looking for a new professional path and our adventure began thus "We saw an advertisement on the sale of a hotel and would like to obtain some information". The answers we received have given us confidence, both on our interlocutor and on our project. 

Our story therefore began with this announcement, then the meeting of our GRAVITAO agent, Mr. Strullu. 

It took the support of a professional like him to structure our ideas and answer our many questions. A reassuring and available man, competent, precise, respectful towards all the stakeholders. Mr. Strullu allowed us to go to the end of our project, gave good advice on many areas (financial, moving, various calculations, accounting advice, geographical location, hotel management).. 

We have become co-managers of a hotel. We are happy in our new life, the beginning of a new story. 

Lydie Lemoine et Eric Darquy

Hotel le Lodge - Ondres - (40) - France


I am very satisfied because we remain owners of the premises, and the GRAVITAO® agency and Mr. Nau will be the cement of the good relationship with the new owners of the business.

Mr. Nau was there from the beginning to the end of the transaction, with an outstanding quality of listening, advice, and know-how.

The agency proceeded conscientiously step by step to bring us all their experience. I am very satisfied because we remain owners of the premises, and the GRAVITAO® agency and Mr. Nau will be the cement of the good relationship with the new owners of the business.

Adrien Daspre-Perriot

Camping l'Oasis du Berry - St Gaulthier - (36) - France

We are happy to have found our camping with the help of GRAVITAO Agency. Our agent, François Rouzin, the regional representative, has accompanied us from the first day till the final signature with reactivity, seriousness and professionalism. We recommend the services of François Rouzin and the Agency without hesitation.

Christel et Julien

Camping entre Pierres & Mer à Pont-Croix (29) - France

Attracted by the GRAVITAO web site, which allows to define and refine our research, we have been conquered by the offer.

From the first contact to the signature at the notary, our GRAVITAO agent, Mr Munck was present, attentive and available to support us at all stages of the project.

We look forward to sharing our experience during a stopover at the campsite.

Anne & Olivier CLOUTEAU

Camping Au Bon Endroit - Paray le Monial (71) - France

Mr Correau, happy that the opportunity is given to me to give my perception on this long period of support.

I would like to highlight here that regardless of your relevance, you were able to support both parties throughout this sale which, admittedly, was not that simple.

The circumstances, the delays, the events etc, etc ... demanded a lot of availability but also of fair play.

Your availability and your very good knowledge of the files quickly placed you as an essential facilitator for all the stakeholders.

I am convinced that among others the purchaser, Mr Quenehem, would validate my remarks.

Sincerely, thank you again for your help.

See you soon

Mr and Mrs Louchart B

Camping Domaine Le Val du Ternois - Frévent - (62) - France

Being in search since September 2020, we have just signed our camping in the southern Burgundy.

We would like to thank you for your support, particularly M. Michel Munck.

We were impressed by his careful listening, his advice and his availability. Such a great salesman!

We hope to see you soon for a little stopover at the “Au bon endroit” Camping.

Big thank you to our GRAVITAO agent, Michel Munck.

Marie-Agnès & Franck FOURNIER

Camping Au Bon Endroit - Paray le Monial (71) - France

Being in search since September 2020, we have just signed our camping in the southern Burgundy.

We would like to thank you for your support, particularly M. Michel Munck.

We were impressed by his careful listening, his advice and his availability. Such a great salesman!

We hope to see you soon for a little stopover at the “Au bon endroit” Camping.

Big thank you to our GRAVITAO agent, Michel Munck.

Marie-Agnès & Franck FOURNIER

Camping Au Bon Endroit - Paray le Monial (71) - France

I would like to emphasize the professionalism and responsiveness of Jacques Cusenier, GRAVITAO agent, in the takeover process.

We are delighted with this acquisition, which was made at market price and which turns out to be in line with our expectations.

Gérard Baylé

Hotel Le Mouillage in Saint-Tropez (83) - France

Such a good experience with GRAVITAO and particularly with our agent M.Munck.

We decided to sell our campsite in novembre 2020, and less than 5 months later, it was done ! With just 2 visits !!

M.Munck has been able to listen and knew how to propose our campsite to the right persons.Always available and kind, we do not regret having contacted GRAVITAO to sell our campsite, and would not hesitate do deal with them if we decide to buy a campsite or an hotel by the way.

Thank you for your professionalism and humanity.

And thanks again to Mr Munck.


Mr Mme Bembom

Camping Au Bon Endroit (anciennement le Mambré) - Paray le Monial (71) - France

We have been very glad for the relevance of visitings and appreciate the follow-up of our case for the sale of our campsite La route blanche located in Breville sur mer in Manche region.

We confirm our entire satisfaction choosing GRAVITAO agency and its agent François ROUZIN .

We also thank you for your discretion and kidness, availability and professionalism.

Yours faithfully,

Corinne et Philippe NGuyen Van Mai

Camping La Route Blanche à Bréville sur Mer (50) - France

What a pleasure working with our GRAVITAO® agent, Michel Munck, who accompanied us from the beginning of our project.

His listening skills, professionalism and advice have clearly made the difference.

We can only strongly advise him.

A big THANK YOU to him.

Laurie Geret

Camping l'Abbaye - Bonlieu - (39) - France