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The NOW-W company will be offering investment opportunities in hotel industry all over the world.

On the world market our network is divided into several major regions: H&C France for France, and H&C World for Europe, Canada, United States and the reste of the world. Our collaborators and partners appreciate our professionalism and are loyal to our values. We have a clear strategy to offer our investors the widest choice and style of investment in hotels and campsites. We wish to develop our GRAVITAO® network on a global scale, to serve customers worldwide.

We try to find a balance for our investors between their requirements and prudence. Our daily analysis of the main market movements allows us to lead our sellers and buyers in the best conditions.

GRAVITAO® is the first international real estate group specialized in campings and hotels transactions.


NOW-W SAS is truly an iconic company with historical roots and values that correspond to their acronym: "Network Of Wins-Wins".

GRAVITAO® The reference in the hotel and open-air accomodation sector 

The experience, experise, results and performance achieved by the GRAVITAO® real estate network in France since 2005 are just the end of the first phase of development that the group's managers had set.

Leader in France, GRAVITAO® aims to answer the demand of the international market through its presence in many countries in europe and North America.

The group is exclusively  specialised in transactions involving the purchase and sale of hotels and campsites.

Our values

Perfect knowledge of the market

The GRAVITAO network includes teams of professionnals who have field experience, knowledge and background. This experience allows them to support you throughout your project.

Service and Support

YOUR PROJECT, OUR PRIORITY. The experience of our teams allows us to support you throughout your project, whether you are a buyer or an owner with intention to sale.


The seriousness of a company over the long term replaces all advertising. Buying or selling a camping or a hotel is a very important moment in the lives of our customers, WE are aware of it.


Our agents are trained to carry out their missions with discretion because we are aware that certain unskillful approaches can have consequences and impact on the staff and customers of your businesses.

Join the GRAVITAO® network

GRAVITAO, the first real estate network specialized exclusively in the international sale of hotels and campgrounds, is rapidly expanding. As part of our continuous growth, we are seeking new ambitious and motivated collaborators to join our team in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Our goal is to solidify our market-leading position by integrating professionals from the sector with solid experience and a passion for specialized commercial real estate.

We offer a unique opportunity to independent real estate agents who wish to develop their careers within a dynamic and innovative network. At GRAVITAO, we value entrepreneurial freedom while providing the necessary support to succeed in the specific niche of hospitality and camping. Our business model is designed to foster independence while benefiting from the advantages of an international network, top-tier marketing, and logistical support.

To join GRAVITAO, candidates must have an independent real estate agent status and be authorized to conduct real estate transactions in their territory. This requirement ensures that all our collaborators have the necessary skills and certifications to operate effectively and in compliance with local regulations. We are looking for individuals with a deep understanding of the real estate market, expertise in selling hotel and camping establishments, and a strong customer orientation.

Our collaborators benefit from a robust platform including cutting-edge tools for sales management, continuous training to stay at the forefront of market trends, and close collaboration with a team of international experts. By joining GRAVITAO, you will have the opportunity to work on international-scale projects and contribute to transactions that shape the future of the hotel and outdoor hospitality sector.

We believe that the success of our collaborators is intrinsically linked to the success of our network. That's why at GRAVITAO, you won't just be a real estate agent; you'll be a key partner in a company that is redefining the global real estate landscape of hospitality and camping.

If you're ready to take on the challenge and thrive in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, we invite you to contact us.




Nous croyons que le succès de nos collaborateurs est intrinsèquement lié au succès de notre réseau. C'est pourquoi chez GRAVITAO, vous ne serez pas seulement un agent immobilier ; vous serez un partenaire clé dans une entreprise qui redéfinit le paysage immobilier de l’hôtellerie et du camping à l’échelle mondiale.

Si vous êtes prêt à relever le défi et à vous épanouir dans un environnement dynamique et en constante évolution, nous vous invitons à nous contacter.

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