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Alsace - Hotel restaurant near the border.

Alsace - Hotel restaurant near the border.

Tourist and business clientele. The hotel and restaurant are in good condition.

ID : 03383

Price : 933 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital: 400 000 €

  • Hotel
  • France
  • Grand Est
  • Terms of sale : Freehold sale

It will be possible to increase the number of rooms or rent apartments.

The establishment benefits from regular investments.

Perfect retraining for a couple with restaurant experience.

Turnover before covid around €320,000

Freehold sale due to retirement.

Si vous envisagez d’acheter ou vendre un Hôtel en région Grand-Est, un conseiller GRAVITAO est présent pour répondre à votre demande sur les départements des Ardennes (08), Aube (10), Marne (51), Haute-Marne (52), Meurthe-et-Moselle (55), Moselle (57), Bas-Rhin (67), Haut-Rhin (68) et les Vosges (88).  

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Hotel without restaurant in Hauts-de-France

Very nice no catering hotel located in the heart of a most prestigious seaside resort in the rare area to see absolutely

ID : 03291

Price : 5 630 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 2 000 000 €

Region : Hauts-de-France

Country : France

In Occitania! Camping for sale in the heart of the Cathar Country.

A magnificent view of these landscapes specific to this region, this green 3-star camping has less than 70 pitches

ID : 03182

Price : 536 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 400 000 €

Region : Occitanie

Country : France

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Charming farmhouse in Provence

3-star hotel with just under 15 rooms in the heart of Provence, close to the region's must-see sites

ID : 03463

Price : 536 000 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 200 000 €

Region : Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Country : France

Gard - Hotel with more than 25 rooms

Hotel with over 25 rooms on 6000 m² of land with swimming pool

ID : 03140

Price : 1 393 840 € FAI

Recommended own capital : 500 000 €

Region : Occitanie

Country : France

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+33 6 51 88 20 90

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Successful retraining in the hotel industry.

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