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Rare case in Haute-Marne - sale of occupied hotel restaurant premises

Rare case in Haute-Marne - sale of occupied hotel restaurant premises

Great opportunity for investors, hotel restaurant premises rented with tenant in place for several years.

Exclusively at GRAVITAO

ID : 03731

Price : 428 800 € AFI

Recommended own capital: 150 000 €

  • Hotel
  • France
  • Grand Est
  • Terms of sale : Murs

Very good investment for these hotel walls sold rented, with a rent of 2680 € per month.

Hotel with more than 20 rooms, located on a passenger axis with year-round activity. The current operator has been present for many years. Rare case to seize. Sale with a tenant in place.

To discover

City-center hotel in a tourist town on the Alicante coast.

This 100-room hotel in a popular tourist area enjoys year-round clientele.

ID : ESP065

Price : 8 500 000 € AFI

Recommended own capital : 5 000 000 €

Region : Comunitat Valenciana (60)

Country : Spain

A campsite on the Way of Saint James

We propose a small, easy to manage campsite, where the majority of the clients are pilgrims who walk the Way of Saint James. Only 10 km from the airport of Santiago.

ID : ESP113

Price : 275 000 € AFI

Recommended own capital : 150 000 €

Region : Galicia (58)

Country : Spain

Haute Vienne - Hotel restaurant 20 rooms, 3 stars - On a major road - Freehold

3-star Hotel restaurant with 20 rooms located on a strategic road axis, without competition.

ID : 03518

Price : 901 000 € AFI

Recommended own capital : 400 000 €

Region : Nouvelle Aquitaine

Country : France

Hotel restaurant in Alsace near tourist site

3-star hotel restaurant category 20-30 rooms in a village in the heart of the vineyards

ID : 03528

Price : 990 000 € AFI

Recommended own capital : 450 000 €

Region : Grand Est

Country : France

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+33 7 48 77 67 44

+33 7 48 77 67 44

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