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Hôtel Le Lodge à Ondres - Landes (40) - France

To those who dream of taking the leap and buying a hotel, what would you say?

“DO IT! DO IT, you'll see it's a great profession!” answer Laurent and Alexandre.

Partners and co-managers, they have fallen in love with the establishment and decided to buy their hotel in a quarter of an hour.

“It’s a job that offers a lot of freedom that you couldn’t have in some other activities. We never felt like we had a hotel but rather a big house where we received people. We're so happy, we’ve never really felt like we were actually working.”

“Hotelier is a versatile job, it's a great adventure”, “You have to love people.”

“If we had to do it again we would do it again, it's the profession of tomorrow.”

Europe Hôtel Castres - Castres (81) - France

Hôtel Atlantes - Charente Maritime (17)

Christelle and Valentin are the new owners of the Pors Peron camping site located in Brittany in Finistère, just 200 meters away from the beach.

They are both happy, after having worked and forged their experiences for a few years as employees for groups specializing in outdoor hospitality, they are using this experience for their own business.

The hardest part for them was to wait for administrative delays and bank agreements.

For a first experience, they tell you clearly, it is better to be accompanied by a professional because there are too many important points to know to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Running a campsite is full of happiness, sharing, it is fun above all.

Hôtel Atlantes - Charente Maritime (17)

They planned to buy a campsite and finally bought a hotel on the outskirts of Royan in Charente-Maritime.

They still had 15 years of professional life to do before retirement, Dominique and Véronique tell you about their retraining.  

Managing a hotel is a unique experience, every day is different. If only we could have done it earlier ! Today our job allows us to be able to freely manage our schedule.

À ceux qui hésitent encore à franchir le pas, Dominique et Véronique disent : "allez-y, allez-y et faîtes-vous bien accompagner !"  Ne visez pas trop haut pour une première expérience, un hôtel bureau d’une vingtaine de chambres pour un couple, c’est bien.

Allez-y, vivez votre rêve, achetez un hôtel !

Camping Barétous à Aramits - Pyrénées Atlantiques (64) - France

Former campers, Yohann and Laurette had the project to become camping owners.

Yohann was an accountant and Laurette was a medico-psychological aid. After a few weeks of reflection and having studied about 60 cases, and 7- 8 tours, they found in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques the camping which corresponded to their criteria.

Today they tell their story: “Running a camping is freedom, it is also a job where there is no routine.”

For them and for their children, it is a successful change of life, a daily happiness.

Camping Locronan – Finistère (29) – France

Laurence a travaillé pendant 21 ans dans le commerce de l’optique et Frédéric a fait une carrière d’informaticien, tous deux sont originaires des Hauts-de-France et ont une situation stable de salariés en CDI. Un soir d’été pendant leur vacances en camping, Laurence lance l’idée de reprendre un camping.

Le projet d’acheter un camping est validé, ils prennent contact avec des agences immobilières spécialisées dans la vente de camping et commence à visiter, puis le coup de cœur arrive.

Après une période d’accompagnement et de passation, ils ont progressivement pris leurs marques et aujourd’hui ils ont un sentiment de grande liberté et se disent, pourquoi on n’a pas fait ça avant !

Hôtel Atlantes - Charente Maritime (17)

Frédéric and Sabrina are from the North of France.

Former campers, they both had the desire to one day become owners of a campsite.

Change of professional life, change of region, moving from family and friends, 2 children aged 9 and 15, all these subjects raise questions and reflections but their will to carry out this project was stronger than anything, they made this dream come true. And they bear witness to you.

When you're a campsite manager, you don't have time to get bored!

It's a great adventure on a human level for us and our children.

Hôtel Restaurant Le Commerce - Saujon (17) - France

Michel and Sylvie decide to quit their job to work together, at first they ran a PMU, then a restaurant and since 2018 they operate and own a hotel in Charente-Maritime.

They like challenges, they wanted to run a hotel-restaurant; in this video they tell you about their journey and tell you how exciting and varied the profession of hotelier is.

They say: if you want to own a hotel, you have to take the first step, you should not hesitate otherwise you will regret it.

Running a hotel is a great job of contact, you have the impression of receiving friends at home and we do everything to ensure that they have a good stay.

Hotel «L'Emeraude des Bois» in Mimizan - Landes (40) - France

Pierre and Fédoua are former chefs, now hotel managers for more than 10 years. They explain to us how, after falling in love with this hotel, they bought the business assets at first, and one season later they were able to buy the premises of the hotel too.

“Financial investment in a hotel allows you to build a solid capital base, and at the end of the project, if you want to stop, you have two options:

- you can sell your business and continue to receive rents that will allow you to have a comfortable retirement

- or sell everything and make other investments.”

Discover their story: “It is a great profession, truly a great one!”

Camping Le Montet d'Oléron - Charente-Maritime (17) - France

They have bought a family camping on the Oleron island, it is the most beautiful project of their lives, and today it is a genuine fulfillment.

Catherine had 10 years of experience working for the Accord Group, and Laurent was an IT executive for 25 years.

To be able to buy a camping, there is a compromise to be made between your financial capacity and your criteria. Being supported by a specialized agency like GRAVITAO, helps limit the risks for the first-time buyers.

Laurent recalls his past life and says that at the end, being a high-level executive does not represent much humanly speaking, compared to his new life and his new profession of a camping manager.

For these two camping owners, customer satisfaction is an immediate feedback on their work. There is no monotony, no “typical” day for a camping owner. You have to be ready to intervene. To manage a family-size camping it’s like if you invite people over to your home!

Camping Le Clot du Jay - Clamensane (04) - France

Camping Le Clot du Jay – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04) – France

Éric et Nadège ont pendant 30 ans tenu des magasins de jouets, après un essoufflement d’être en magasin toute la journée, l’idée de reconversion se pose.

Quoi faire en travaillant toujours tous les deux ? 

Acheter un camping, c’est venu naturellement, un métier de contact, d’accueil et pouvoir travailler en extérieur. On cherchait un camping familial, nature, sans trop d’animations. Après plusieurs visites, le coup de cœur pour la région et le camping !

Gérer un camping, c’est changer plusieurs fois dans la même journée de métier. Comme le dis Nadège, notre job principal aujourd’hui, c’est de satisfaire nos clients pour qu’ils passent un agréable séjour.

Si vous avez envie d’acheter un camping, lancez-vous, faîtes-vous accompagner par des spécialistes, allez sur des salons pour rencontrer les professionnels mais lancez-vous sinon vous risquez de le regretter.

Hôtel Le Château de Challanges – Côte-d’Or (21) - France

Vanessa et Thomas, anciens salariés, tous les deux directeurs d’hôtels de chaînes sous enseigne nationale dans l’hôtellerie depuis une vingtaine d’années.

La volonté commune de se mettre à leur compte les a poussés à avancer dans ce projet d’acquisition d’un hôtel.

Savoir lire un bilan et analyser les affaires, c’est important, il faut se faire accompagner par des professionnels. Après avoir reçu quasiment une centaine de dossiers et bilans, ils ont visité une vingtaine d’établissements. Il n’y a pas que les chiffres, il faut visiter pour se rendre compte sur place du potentiel de chaque hôtel.

Diriger un hôtel, c’est une aventure humaine.

Quand on prend plaisir à faire plaisir, on sait qu’on est fait pour ce métier !